laura cepeda

At this point, writing about why I’m actress feels to me as weird as explaining why have I brown hair and brown eyes. It’s something that already exists in my DNA, and at this moment of my life, being comedian, to be part of this profession, is like riding a bike: you never forget it, even though you may not ride one for long time.
It no longer matters who chose whom, if I chose this profession or this profession chose me. Or if during theses last years, as my B plan turned out to be my A plan, I’ve ridden on bike less than I would have like to. What matters is that when I step into an empty stage, in the darkness, I feel like home, and I feel I want to dance out of joy. I love to recognize as my own tribe, some of the technicians I’ve worked with that still are on the breach, as well as many of my colleagues, as their hugs taste like glory to me. I still have this dream at night, where I forget the text in the middle of a performance (typical nightmare between actors), and I still don’t know which one is my favourite character, nor among the ones I can do in the future, neither among the ones I’ve played, as there are so many characters and so many stories to be understood.
What matters is that if somebody does me a silly quiz and I have to answer about: “SHE LIKES:”, more than the half of the answer will have to do with this up to date battered and misunderstood profession, but certainly a magic and alive one. This would be my answer:
- I like my children. My school friends, my life friends and my sister. To love JVS. Barcelona, Madrid and Sicily. To ride a bike. Mimosa Galician flowers. Always the water. To travel allot and far. To tell stories. To go to the theatre and to the cinema. To read and read. To try to put myself in the place of others. To disguise myself. To know how to do my work. To be always learning something new. To continue playing. To clap at the end of a performance.